Behind the Sale

Successfully selling your home usually takes some effort. Even if you have a beautifully updated home with a great view, there are many things that can be done to help insure you get best possible price from a motivated buyer in a timely manner.

I put a lot of effort into my listings, and my sellers and I achieve great results! It begins with an aggressive plan, implementation before, during and after, follow up and more. To illustrate what I do and the results we achieve, check out this “behind the scenes” video of one of my sales in Mission Viejo.

Want another example? This home in Costa Mesa had been languishing on the market for almost a year under contract with another listing agent. The buyer heard of my success in the area and contacted me when the contract was up. I was very happy to help her out and give her and her home the time and attention they deserved.

If you want to see more and find out more, go to my main OC Real Estate Page here.

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