Staged Homes by Jackie Gibbins Mission Viejo Real Estate

Home Staging

The value and benefits of staging your home for sale can not be underestimated. It is not absolutely essential to do so, but at the very least, it can reduce the time your home remains on the market. That is why I offer all my sellers free Simple Home Staging and room by room advice and guidance as needed.

The Simple Home Staging I offer is just short of fully staging your home. I don’t have beds or sofas or dining room tables in my inventory, but I have just about everything else to either to use, complement or replace any furnishings and/or decor. If you desire these large furnishings, you, the seller would need to cover those costs. But what I offer usually has the same effect as complete home staging, but at no cost to you.

Once you hire me as your listing agent, we work together to de-clutter, rearrange and/or stage your home as needed. I can’t pack things away for you, but I help determine what should stay, move or go for best results. Work is done on your timetable. I then take one to four days to stage, inside and out, as needed. Again, this is a complimentary service to my clients.

Often, my clients like what I do so much that they either want to purchase some of my inventory or use my ideas in their new home.

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